Nile University’s CFO Wins ACCA Advocate of the Year Award

The Management of Nile University of Nigeria is excited to congratulate our Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Lateef Kareem FCCA, for winning the 2022 Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Advocate of the Year Award.

Lateef won the award after amassing 53% of the 489 votes cast. The Advocate of the Year award is given to ACCA members who act as powerful advocates for ACCA and the accountancy profession. Since joining Nile University and, by extension, the Honoris United Universities network, Lateef has leveraged his financial industry knowledge and network to advance Honoris’ Education For Impact mission and environmental sustainability efforts.

He recently facilitated the signing of an MoU between Nile University and ACCA Nigeria, making the former ACCA’s flagship university in Nigeria. This partnership is set to enhance the employability of Nile University’s Accounting, Management, Arts & Social Sciences students by equipping them with crucial finance knowledge while promoting the accountancy profession. Additionally, he championed the adoption of the 2022 ACCA Recycle for Education Drive at Nile University to kickstart a university-wide recycling culture toward furthering the university’s environmental sustainability goals.

Lateef, who holds the prestigious FCCA (Fellow Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) designation, also supports the aspiration of young accountants financially and helps nurture their career advancement.

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