Nile University Students Successfully Complete 10-Month Erasmus Student Exchange Program in Czech Republic

In an exciting development for Nile University of Nigeria, two students from the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Michael Adakole Obulu and Precious Inedo Ajogi, have recently returned from a transformative 10-month Erasmus Foundation Student Exchange Program at the renowned University of Hradec Králové (UHK) in the Czech Republic.

During their stay in the Czech Republic, Michael Adakole Obulu and Precious Inedo Ajogi seized every opportunity to engage in a range of enriching academic and cultural experiences. The vibrant environment at the University of Hradec Králové UHK enabled them to embrace new academic challenges and broaden their intellectual horizons.

As Political Science and International Relations enthusiasts, Michael and Precious eagerly participated in a variety of courses that allowed them to delve into critical subjects such as comparative politics, international law, and global governance. The experience at the University of Hradec Králové UHK contributed greatly to their academic growth and equipped them with a deeper understanding of global political processes.

Michael and Precious had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with students from a diverse range of backgrounds. This cultural exchange allowed them to gain a greater appreciation for different perspectives and develop vital skills in intercultural communication and cooperation.

Nile University Students Michael Adakole Obulu and Precious Inedo Ajogi with their foreign counterparts during the 10-month Erasmus Foundation Student Exchange Programme in (UHK), Czech Republic.

Reflecting on their transformative experience, Michael and Precious expressed their gratitude to Nile University, the Erasmus program, and the University of Hradec Králové UHK for the opportunity to embark on this life-changing journey. They emphasized the immense value of international education in broadening their perspectives, enhancing their academic abilities, and fostering a sense of global citizenship.

” I am grateful to Nile University for giving me the chance to participate in the Erasmus scholarship program as a representative. This program allowed me to study in Europe, immerse myself in different academic environments, and participate in extracurricular activities like meeting Ambassadors, teaching secondary school students, and cultural exchanges with international students. This opportunity gave me real-world experience in political science and international relations, which was invaluable. Overall, it was a profitable experience that I highly appreciate.” Michael Adakole.
“My time in the Czech Republic was delightful, enjoyable, and enlightening. Through the Erasmus exchange program, I had the chance to study abroad and engage with people from different countries, making it an unforgettable experience.” Precious Ajogi.

Beyond the classroom, Michael and Precious actively immersed themselves in Czech culture. They explored the historical landmarks and architectural wonders of the country, indulged in local cuisine, and participated in cultural events and festivals. These experiences not only enriched their personal lives but also served as a reminder of the power of cultural diversity in shaping global society.

Nile University Student Michael Adakole at the water fountain site of the University of Hradec Kralove (UHK), Czech Republic.

Nile University of Nigeria takes great pride in the accomplishments of Michael Adakole Obulu and Precious Inedo Ajogi. Their successful completion of the Erasmus program at the University of Hradec Králové UHK in the Czech Republic serves as a testament to Nile University’s commitment to fostering excellence and providing its students with growth opportunities.

As Michael and Precious return to Nile University, they hope to inspire and encourage their fellow students to seize similar opportunities for international exchange. Their transformative experience serves as a reminder of the potential for personal and academic growth that lies beyond the boundaries of their home university.

Nile University celebrates the accomplishments of these exceptional students and looks forward to continuing to support and encourage similar academic pursuits. As an institution dedicated to academic excellence and international collaboration, the university remains committed to providing its students with transformative opportunities that prepare them for success in an increasingly interconnected world.

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