Clubs & Activities

Joining a student club or an association opens the door to building new friendships, enhancing your academic life, and exploring career opportunities.

As an active member of a student organization, you will learn important leadership and management skills as you participate in a variety of programs.

This may include planning campus-wide academic, cultural, arts, religious or social events, as well as working on various aspects of student publications, competing in competitions or debate tournaments, attending seminars, and organizing community service projects.

Nile University provides all these opportunities to students as they so wish.

Clubs at Nile University of Nigeria

The Nile Business Club is a club for the students of Nile university of Nigeria from various level that was set up to train students on entrepreneurship, leadership and public speaking so as to prepare them for the corporate world.

Goals and Objectives

  • To encourage interaction among students
  • To promote a better understanding of entrepreneurship
  • To teach members/students how to combine knowledge of economics, accounting and 


The Charity Club is a society under the School’s Clubs and Societies comprising of students of Nile University of Nigeria from various levels set up with the initiatives of providing help, pay out their time and energy in order to raise money for the purpose of the less privileged. The club which is one of the most active clubs in the school has the responsibility of organising activities on and off campus. Amongst the activities organised by the club on campus includes, 2 successful Nile’ s Got Talent show, 3 charity cup tournaments, 2 exhibition events and some of dancing and music performances. The club occasionally has visited a nearby village to take some needed items including clothing and food items, School for the blind and lastly it’s involvement in a project known as “I support Child’s Education Campaign” which is hosted by NTIC foundation.

Goal and Objective:

  • The goal and objective of the club are based on the principles of transparency, truth, honesty and realistic evaluation of general achievements to express love and affection to the needy and the less privileged.


The Nile Chess Club amongst the rest of the clubs aims at equipping students with reasoning and problem solving skills in order to learn how to play chess at a professional level so as to increase the schools reputation and the reputation of the members as well winning competitions…



  • To recruit as many members as possible and teach them how to play chess with our already available study materials starting from an easy level to an intermediate and up to advanced level members.


Cooking is a lifelong skill that can bring enjoyment and satisfaction to anyone, but unfortunately there are many who have not had the opportunities to grow that skill, that is where we come in.

We have taken it upon ourselves to nurture and bring the best Chefs our University has to offer. Those that can represent the school both National and International.


Aims and Objectives:

  • Our aim and objectives are geared toward bringing enjoyment and satisfaction to our students and giving them opportunity to grow their skills in the world of cooking


The human hand is a wonderful and elegant instrument to be used in hundred movements exacting delicacy, direction and force; every such movement is a cause of joy as it leads to pleasure of execution and triumph of success. With a certain pleasant play of the intellect, our mind is agreeably exercised; we think upon what we are doing, often with excitement, sometimes with enthusiasm.


Aim and Objectives:

  • We aimed at making our students to be creative and to beautify their surroundings at all times by using their gifted minds and hands in the world of art.


The Nile University of Nigeria Model United Nations Club is an Academic Simulation of the inner workings of the United Nations Diplomatic functions where students learn about diplomacy, round-table negotiations and the United Nations Global Development Agenda.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To educate our members about the United Nations
  • To provide an accurate representation of the United Nations through simulation
  • To engage with other institutions that share the same objectives in order to gather support and sponsorship
  • To organise periodic events and conferences that will provoke discussion and proffer solutions to global world issues
  • To serve as a medium for conflict resolution within the university


The NUN Programmers Club is aimed to provide a stimulating environment where students can interact and learn programming skills from experienced programmers and colleagues by practicing and solving various programming problems. The club is based at the Computer Science Department in The Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences Nile University of Nigeria , although it will be open to students from all departments/schools in NUN. 



  • Gain proficient programming skills and general problem solving skills.
  • Learn how to work in a team (3-5 people per team).
  • Develop programming solutions using various data structures, sorting algorithms, arithmetic, algebra, graph algorithms, and number theory.
  • Enhance your career prospects (it looks really good on your CV).
  • Start a potential research project which may lead to postgraduate studies.


The Nile Touch Lives club is all about helping the less privilege people all around us by providing them with some basic needs like: Clothing, Food, etc. We also look support and contribution from donors either in cash or kind such as clothes-shoes  to support the kids, youth and women in need in Nigeria. Preparation, execution and monitoring activities are conducted by Club members.


Societies at Nile University of Nigeria

The Nile Christian Student’s Fellowship is a fellowship that ensures Christian students become born again and exercise kingdom mindedness and as well reach out to all the Christians and establish moral and spiritual practices that will impact lives around the campus.


The Nile University Law Student’s Society is a student association aimed at aiding students academic as well as social experience through the journey of the demanding profession they have chosen, with the help of professionals within and outside their field of study.


The MSSN, NUN Chapter is to work for the sake of Allah (exalted is He) in accordance to the Qur’an and the example set by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The MSSN NUN Chapter seeks to provide a comfortable space where students develop into confident, spiritual, moral and high-achieving leaders who in turn are a positive influence and example for their surrounding communities.


NESA is an academics and career focused society striving to create a communal and intellectually stimulating environment where our members can explore their passion for Economics.


NUISA is one of the finest club on campus. It is an opportunity for international students to exchange their cultures and heritages, thus expanding the awareness of multicultural world (society).

NUISA helps students to become more aware of diverse heritages through active discussions, exhibitions and excursions. NUISA is the voice of international students at NUN.

NUISA is known for organizing different entertaining social activities and innovative fund-raising events to aid  less privileged students.


SPE is a place for all of today’s industry professionals, regardless of experience or course study. Although engineers are the core of SPE’s membership, not all SPE members are engineers. SPE offers two types of membership: Professional and Student membership.


Calendar of Upcoming Clubs and Activities