At Nile University we constantly strive to make sure that all our facilities are up to date and provide the best learning experience for our students.

Our modern campus located at Abuja gives students the benefit of quality education and social lives via access to advanced facilities and a multicultural student and staff body.

The following facilities and programs, all within easy reach makes student life a rewarding experience.

The campus offers various dining options to students, staff, and visitors. We have a campus run cafeteria and several food vendors to cater to a variety of food preferences. Operated on a pay-as-you-eat basis, the University continually monitors these vendors to ensure a high standard of hygiene and quality.

Operated by some of the on-campus private food vendors, the Bamboo Food Court (the name was coined by a student whose identity remains a mystery)offers students and staff a wonderful outdoor dining experience— with chairs and tables all orderly arranged under a beautiful canopy of cashew trees (there are no bamboos, whatsoever, in the place).

Comprise the basketball, volleyball, and two football (five-a-side and standard) pitches, as well as a giant (outdoor) chess set/board. These highly equipped facilities provide students the perfect venues to engage in recreational activities.

Popularly known by students as the “Love Garden” (just like the Bamboo Food Court, no-one knows the student that coined this name),the Nile Gardens boast a wide array of flowers and trees which make the Nile University campus one of the most beautiful and serene in the country.

Fraud Awareness Disclaimer

Dear members of the public,

Please be advised that:
  1. Nile University of Nigeria’s application/admission process is free (we do not charge you for the application form or the application/admission process).
  2. We have no agents authorized to issue out/ sell our admission forms or collect tuition or other payments on our behalf – all payments and application/admissions processes are done online via the official university portals.

Please be informed that Nile University of Nigeria is not liable for any financial or other loss you may suffer due to transactions with unauthorized agents (who have misrepresented themselves as Nile University’s representatives) on unofficial university portals.