Anatomical Artistry Takes Center Stage at Nile University of Nigeria: 3 Students Emerged Winners of Annual Human Anatomy Design Competition

Nile University of Nigeria buzzed with excitement on Monday, April 8th, 2024, as its medical students from 100–600 Level gathered for the 2nd annual Jonathan Louw Design Award for Human Anatomy.

This unique competition, named in honour of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Honoris United Universities Network, Dr. Jonathan Louw, aimed to celebrate the artistic and medical skills of Nile University’s Medicine students in four categories, namely, Sculpting, Wood/Metalwork and Molding Category, Recyclable and Mixed Media Category, Drawing, Painting, and Sketching Category, and the Overall Best Category. The competition featured a total of 75 creative entries, showcasing the medical students’ in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and their ability to represent them in visually appealing forms.

A total of 45 out of the 75 participants in the competition were judged in four different categories, each focusing on a specific aspect of human anatomy and design. After much deliberation, the winners were announced in the four categories, with each winner receiving a generous cash prize and a certificate of participation, recognizing their hard work and dedication to the field of human anatomy.

The event was an overwhelming success, with esteemed dignitaries from Honoris United Universities and Nile University of Nigeria in attendance. Among the notable individuals present were Mr. Luis Ramirez-Alonso (Honoris’ Group Chief Human Resources Officer), representing the Chief Executive Officer CEO of Honoris, Dr. Jonathan Louw, Mr. John Vermaaten (Pro-Chancellor of Nile University of Nigeria), and Prof. Dilli Dogo (Vice-Chancellor of Nile University of Nigeria). Alongside them, staff and students also gathered to honour and applaud the exceptional talent and creativity of the emerging generation of medical professionals.

L-R: Prof. Aminu Mai (Provost, Nile College of Health Sciences), Prof. Dilli Dogo (VC, Nile University), Mr. John Vermaaten (Pro-Chancellor, Nile University), Mr. Jonathan Okharedia (Chief People and Operations Officer, Nile University), Mr. Luiz Ramirez-Alonso (Group Chief Human Resources Officer,Honoris United Universities).

The competition’s top prize winner Obioha Adaeze Esther, a 600-level medical student, expressed her excitement and gratitude for being recognized as this year’s overall winner. In a statement following her victory, Esther remarked, “Participating in this competition has been a truly rewarding experience, allowing me to showcase my creative design and expand my knowledge of the human anatomy through collaboration with my colleagues.”

Honoris and Nile University leadership team present Cash Prize Awards to the Overall Winner of the 2024 Jonathan Louw Design Award for Human Anatomy, Ms. Obioha Adaeze Esther, at Nile University of Nigeria.

Her words echoed those of the other category winners and highlighted the significant impact of taking part in the Jonathan Louw Design for Human Anatomy competition. Their victories stand as a testament to the dedication and talent present within the medical students’ community at Nile University of Nigeria.

The Jonathan Louw Design for Human Anatomy Award is not only a celebration of artistic talent but also a reminder of the importance of creativity and innovation in the field of medicine and the crucial role that design plays in understanding and appreciating the complexities of the human body.

As this competition continues to grow in popularity and recognition, it has become a mainstay in the medical students’ community at Nile University of Nigeria, inspiring future generations of students to explore the intersection of art and science that is shaping the future of healthcare in new and exciting ways.

The organizers’ of the event expressed their gratitude to all the participants, sponsors, and supporters who made the Jonathan Louw Design for Human Anatomy Awards a success. They look forward to building on the momentum of this year’s competition and creating an even bigger and more impactful event next year.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the 2024 Jonathan Louw Design for Human Anatomy Awards!

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