Linda Ikeji Headlines Nile University’s Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Event

13 November 2019

Linda Ikeji Headlines Nile University’s Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Event

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Miss Linda Ikeji, an internationally acclaimed Blogger, Writer, and Entrepreneur, was the Guest Speaker at the Career Seminar organized by Nile University of Nigeria’s Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences on November 8. The program was designed to educate students on the principles and pillars of success in the modern world.

Speaking to the students, Miss Ikeji urged them to avoid the prevailing trend on social media whereby people project a false image of themselves to the public in a bid to impress the latter. According to her, this “fake life” on social media has led to a lot of real life problems for many people, including high indebtedness, etc.   

Miss Linda Ikeji also talked about the importance of reinvention for entrepreneurs and other people hoping to maintain relevance in their various professions. According to her, for individuals to remain relevant in their respective fields, it is necessary for them to adapt to changing times. Furthermore, she discussed the need for aspiring entrepreneurs to ensure that there is an existing demand for a particular product or service before building a business around said product or service.

Overall, it was a highly exciting and educative experience for the attendees and one that is going to help the latter significantly in their respective future endeavors.


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