Nile University’s Medical Students visit Abuja School for the Deaf

Nile University of Nigeria’s College of Health Sciences organized a field trip to the Abuja School for the Deaf for its 200 level students on January 21. The purpose of this visit was to give the students practical experience on how to interact with people with special needs as well as how these challenges affect the affected individuals’ social and mental health. 

Upon their arrival at the school, the Nile students were warmly welcomed by the host institution’s Principal and Vice Principal, who gave them a brief history of the school and a tour. Subsequently, the Nile students met and interacted with the physically challenged students of the host school, during which they were taught a few phrases, including “I love you,” in sign language. 

The Nile medical students also took pictures with the students and teachers of the host school in what was a very exciting and educative excursion for the former.  

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