Nile University Advertises School of Postgraduate Studies at NYSC Camp; Donates 50 Chairs to NYSC

A Nile University team visited the Kubwa NYSC camp on December 9 to advertise the University’s postgraduate programs. The Nile delegation comprised Prof. Kemal Ozden (Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies), Assoc. Prof. Gylych Jelilov (Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences), Miss Ijeoma Ezima (Marketing/Public Relations Officer), among others.

Prof. Ozden, in his address, gave the audience a brief introduction of Nile University’s School of Postgraduate Studies, including the courses offered, staff profile, etc., and urged them to take advantage of the discounts offered by the University to further their studies. Subsequently, Assoc. Prof. Gylych emphasized the importance of postgraduate studies in the contemporary society. According to him, we live in a society where a Master’s degree is the new Bachelor’s degree, and people are seeking to get Doctorate degrees just to get that little bit of an edge in the job market.

Furthermore, he continued, it is no longer enough to simply get a higher degree as the quality of the awarding institution is a huge determinant of the value attached to said degree. Thus, by furthering their studies in Nile University, an institution with a reputation for quality education, the corps members will be getting a degree that gives them an edge in the highly competitive labor market of today.

Delivering the final presentation of the event was Miss Ezima, who highlighted the numerous advantages available to students that come to Nile University of Nigeria for their postgraduate studies. Chief among these benefits, she stated, are attractive discounts, flexible class schedules (classes are held in the evenings to allow students work and study full-time), highly experienced Nigerian and expatriate lecturers, etc.

Following Miss Ezima’s presentation was a question and answer session during which the University’s personnel at the event fielded the questions of the corps members concerning Nile University’s School of Postgraduate Studies. The event concluded with the donation of 50 chairs by Nile University of Nigeria to the NYSC.  

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