Faculty of Law Holds Moot Court Session with Seasoned Professionals in the Nigerian Justice System

Nile University of Nigeria’s Faculty of Law held an interactive session on the Nigerian justice system on October 31. The event, which took place at the Moot Court, was designed to prepare the University’s Law students for life after graduation by providing them valuable insights into the Nigerian justice system. To this effect, top level officials from the Ministry of Justice and the Police were invited to educate the students on the roles of their respective organizations in the society as well as the various challenges facing them.

Some of the issues discussed during the event included the difficulty in getting criminals convicted due the unwillingness of witnesses to testify against the former in court (due to fear of retaliation, etc.), insufficient funding for prosecutors and the police,  among others.

Overall, the program was a highly educative experience for the students, especially those involved in the Kuje prison project, who will hope to use the knowledge gained from the event to better execute the project.  

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