Dr. Adeola Abdulateef Elega


Lecturer I


Mass Communication


Block B, Room 216


Dr. Adeola Abdulateef Elega holds a PhD from Eastern Mediterranean University with a specialization in Communication and Media Studies. His research interests are meta-analysis in media studies, new media and journalism, media framing, interpersonal communication and intercultural communication.

Recent Publications (Articles, Books, Book Chapters/Sections, Proceedings, etc.)

Adeola Abdulateef Elega, Felix Adedamola Oloyede & Bahire Efe Özad (2021) “Looking from the Outside in”: A Study on the International Media Coverage and Framing of Nigeria’s 2019 General Election, African Journalism Studies, 42:1, 91-107, DOI: 10.1080/23743670.2021.1887909 (Indexed in SSCI and SCOPUS- Q2)
• Gunay, F., İşeri, E., Ersoy, M & Elega, A., (2021). “Media Framing of Climate Change Action in Carbon Locked-in Developing Countries: Adaptation or Mitigation?”. Environmental Communication. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/17524032.2021.1885462 .(Indexed in SSCI and SCOPUS- Q1)
Elega, Adeola Abdulateef, Bahire Efe Özad, Felix Adedamola Oloyede, Omisore Olabola,Omar Abu Arqoub, (2020) Has Blog Reader–Focused Research Evolved? Sage Open, DOI: 10.1080/17512786.2020.1805791 https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/2158244020968786 (Indexed in SSCI and SCOPUS- Q2)
• Omar Abu Arqoub, Adeola Abdulateef Elega, Bahire Efe Özad, Hanadi Dwikat & Felix Adedamola Oloyede (2020) Mapping the Scholarship of Fake News Research: A Systematic Review, Journalism Practice, DOI: 10.1080/17512786.2020.1805791(Indexed in ESCI and SCOPUS-Q1)
• Oloyede, F., & Elega, A. A (2019). Exploring Hashtag Activism in Nigeria: a case of #Endsars Campaign. Paper presented at 5th International Conference in Communication and Media Studies. Famagusta, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. https://crcp.emu.edu.tr/en/conferences/crcp-2018
• Arqoub, O. A. A., Özad, B. E., & Elega, A. A. (2019). The Engineering of Consent: A State-of-the-Art Review. Public Relations Review, 101830. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0363811119300992 (Indexed in SSCI and SCOPUS-Q1)
• Arqoub, A., Özad, B. E & Elega, A. A (2019). A Virtual Ethnographic Study of Journalists’ Use of Facebook Press Group. Paper presented at 5th International Conference in Communication and Media Studies. Famagusta, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. https://crcp.emu.edu.tr/en/conferences/crcp-2018
• Elega, A. A. (2018). Digital Conversations on the Blogosphere. Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, 8(2), 34-58. http://www.ojcmt.net/articles/82/823.pdf (Indexed in ESCI)
• Elega, A. A., & Ozad, B. A. (2018). Blogs: A 21st Century Digital Publishing Phenomenon. Paper presented at 1st International Conference on Media and Communication. Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates (81-90). http://tiny.cc/yfw6kz
• Elega, A. A., & Ozad, B. A. (2017). New Media Scholarship in Africa: An Evaluation of Africa-focused Blog Related Research from 2006-2016. Quality and Quantity, 1-18 http://tiny.cc/rcw6kz (Indexed in SSCI and SCOPUS-Q2)
• Elega, A. A., & Ozad, B. A. (2017). Technologies and Second Language: Nıgerian Students’ Adaptıve Strategıes to Cope with Language Barrier In Northern Cyprus. 7 (3), 486-498https://zenodo.org/record/570011#.WRLWQ1WGPIU (Indexed and SCOPUS-Q2)
• Elega, A. A. (2016). Investigating the Use and Perception of West African Pidgin English Among West African University Students in Northern Cyprus. Globe: A Journal of Language, Culture and Communication, 4: 23-38. https://journals.aau.dk/index.php/globe/article/view/1490
• Elega, A. A. (2016). Deborah Chambers, Linda Steiner & Carole Fleming, Women and Journalism (Review of Book). International Journal of Communication, 10, 2501–2504. http://tiny.cc/e9v6kz .(Indexed in SSCI and SCOPUS- Q1)

Courses/Modules Taught

• MCM 101 Introduction to Mass communication
• MCM 105 African Communication Systems I
• MCM 108 Writing for Digital Media
• MCM 312 Foreign Correspondence
• MCM 412 Multimedia Criticism and Analysis
• MCM 414 Bindery and Finishing Operations