Transfer Students

If you are already attending a university in Nigeria and thinking about transferring, you may be able to transition smoothly to Nile University.


Course and examination credits obtained at an external institution may be eligible for credit transfer according to an equivalency evaluation that is based on a review of course contents, outline, methods, and final grade.


Nile University permits the admission of applicants transferring from other institutions, subject to the following conditions


  • Transfer is from a recognized institution of higher education
  • You meet Nile University admission requirements

Why Nile University?

Nile University helps students accelerate their careers with experiential education, work placements, field study, practical and research experiences.

Whether you transfer as a mature student, directly from another post-secondary institution or come back to University after a period away, you’ll find your fit at Nile University.

We’re proud to offer multiple pathways for those wishing to enhance their studies with further university education.

How to Transfer

Transfer candidates from national universities are generally given preference except in cases where the candidate is on academic probation. In such cases, the candidate may be admitted to a lower level. For this method of admission, a grade point average of 1.50 CGPA (3rd class) on a 5.0 scale will permit the candidate to transfer and commence from their appropriate level.


Additionally, admission into an undergraduate degree program of the University shall be based on the Faculty and Departmental requirements, visit your respective Faculty for more. Alternatively, you can check Entry Requirements for all programmes offered by NUN.