Student Accommodation

For students that are about to study with Nile University, they are highly welcome to choose from the different accommodations the University offers.

Course and examination credits obtained at an external institution may be eligible for credit transfer according to an equivalency evaluation that is based on a review of course contents, outline, methods, and final grade.

Nile University permits the admission of applicants transferring from other institutions, subject to the following conditions

  • Transfer is from a recognized institution of higher education
  • You meet Nile University admission requirements

On Campus

For Students: Nile University can provide many of its students accommodation on campus. Air conditioned hostel dormitories for both male and female students are designed with facilities like cyber café, study room, common rooms, industrial kitchen, dining hall facilities, etc.

The residents are provided with high quality study table, wardrobe and a bed. The hostel management assigns superintendents who are also graduates and residents into hostels in order to maintain peace and harmony. (Approximately 1 superintendent per 15 students) (Please contact the Dean of Student Affairs for more information).

Hostel fees are all inclusive and there’s no extra charge. Hostel fees will include the following:


New Accommodation at Nile

Nile University is delighted to announce the addition of two new, modern and comfortable hostels for 140 female and 140 male students.

Off Campus

For Students that still want to study in Nile University but want to have their personal accommodation, Nile University has also a variety of off campus accommodation ready for them.

They are fully furnished, having security, good atmosphere, and affordable.

Hostel Accommodation Fees

*Only available in Asokoro Hostel

Contact the Department

Email Address:

Phone Number:

Male Hostel Phone number: +234 705 242 3819

Female Hostel Phone number: +234 905 590 9972