Engr. Sanusi Abdulganiyu


Laboratory Technologist


Civil Engineering

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Structural Mechanics and Apply Mechanic Laboratory


Engr. SANUSI, Abdulaniyu is a Laboratory Technologist in the Department of Civil Engineering, Nile University of Nigeria Abuja. He is a Structural Engineering Ph.D prospective student currently working on his master thesis having completed the required course work.

Engr. Abdulganiyu have worked in several constructions and consulting firm where he rose to the position of Project Manager before joining Nile University of Nigeria in the year 2017. During that period, he participated numerously in many infrastructural developments ranging from power project to building and road construction and design.

His research interests include fracture mechanic, Finite Element Analysis, Sustainable infrastructure, Artificial Intelligent Modeling, concreting and General Civil Engineering.

Engr. Abdulganiyu is a corporate member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). A member of the Nigeria Institution of Civil Engineers (NICE) and a fully registered Civil Engineer and Engineering Technologist with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) in the year 2018.

Recent Publications (Articles, Books, Book Chapters/Sections, Proceedings, etc.)

  • A Sanusi, E E Ndububa, A G, Amuda A D Mambo, A Mohammed, I Mohammed (2020). Properties of Fine Aggregates in Abuja and Environ. Journal of Civil Engineering, (vol.12 no1), 22-25.
  • Mohammed Abdulsalam, Abdulhammed Danjuma Mambo, Akeem Gbenga Amuda, Abubakar Dayyabu, Mogbo Onyebuchi Nwabueze, Begmurat Kulmedov, Abdulganiyu Sanusi, Ado Mohammed (2020). Analysis and Design of an Underground Reinforced Concrete Water Reservoir Nile University of Nigeria. Journal of Civil Engineering, (vol.12 no.2).
  • Hassan U, Adeleke W A, Mohammed M A, Sanusi A (2020). Evaluation of Thermal Storage Capacities of some Selected Materials for Solar Drying Applications. FUDMA Journal of Science, (vol.4 no3), 192-196.
  • Mogbo O N, Mambo A D, Dayyabu A, Zayyanu S, Abdulganiyu S, Mohammed A (2019). Water Quality Assessment of Stream in Nile University of Nigeria. Journal of Civil Engineering, (vol.11 no.1), 16-25


Conference Proceedings
  • Abdulhammed Danjuma Mambo, Onyebuch Nwabueze Mogbo, Osezele Rotimi Patrick, Akeem Gbenga Amuda, Abubakar Dayyabu, Abdulganiyu Sanusi (2019). Investigating the performance of stabilized laterite block as an alternative walling unit for Abuja. (ICECC, 2019), pp 1-5.

Courses/Modules Taught

  • CVE 307: Laboratory Practical and Design Studies I
  • Concrete and Materials
  • Strength of Materials and Structural Mechanics
  • CVE 312: Laboratory Practical and Design Studies II
  • Engineering Surveying I
  •  Staadro software for structural analysis and design
  • CVE 417: Laboratory Practical and Design Studies III
  • Engineering Surveying II
  • Software (Staad pro, Orion and Civil Excel) for structural analysis and design