Dr. Precious Onyeachu


Lecturer II


Software Engineering


Block C, Room 110


Dr. Precious Onyeachu graduated from Brunel University London with a B.Sc. in Information Systems and Business and a PhD in Computer Science. She is currently a Lecturer II in the Department of Information System and Software Engineering, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences.

Dr. Precious’s research interests include innovation and digitalization in healthcare, education, and General Management.

Recent Publications (Articles, Books, Book Chapters/Sections, Proceedings, etc.)

Onyeachu, Precious (2017) The Role Age and Illness in the adoption of Technology, Thesis paper: Brunel University London.


Malcolm Clarke and Onyeachu Precious (March, 2021). An investigation into the acceptance and use of communication technology by the elderly.

Courses/Modules Taught


  • CSC 304: Database Management
  • IFT 102: Introduction to Information Systems
  • IFT 264: Human Computer Interaction
  • IFT 208: Information Systems in Business
  • CSC 413: Project


  • CSC 704: Database Management