Dr. Murtada Busair Ahmad


Senior Lecturer


Mass Communication


Block B, Room 222


Murtada Busair Ahmad (PhD, International Islamic Malaysia; M.Sc., B.Sc. University of Lagos, Nigeria) is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mass Communication. His current research interests are in mass media effects, with bias for cultivation analysis and audiences’ perception of social reality as well as spiral of silence and public opinions; community media and popular culture; political communication and global communication. He has published articles and chapters in local, international and Scopus journals and books. He teaches quantitative research methods and designs with focus on application of multivariate statistical techniques for communication research.

Recent Publications (Articles, Books, Book Chapters/Sections, Proceedings, etc.)

Ahmad, Murtada.B. (2018). Data Collection for Multivariate Statistical Analysis: The Implication of Moderators on Predictor and Outcome Variables’ Correlation in Nigerian Communication Research . The Nigerian Journal of Communication, Vol. 15, No 1, pp. 1-16. http://tnjc.org.ng/vol-15-no-1-june-2018/
Ahmad, Murtada B.& Halilu, Musa (2017) Influence of Attention to American Movies on Perceived Decline of Indigenous Values among Nigeria Youth. Journal of Communication and Media Research, Vol. 8. No 1, pp. 175-185. https://www.jcmrjournal.org/article?id=99
Ahmad, Murtada .B. (2017) Nigerian mass media’s reportage of financial crimes and public opinion on President Buhari’s change mantra politics. The Nigerian Journal of Communication, Vol. 12, No. 2 pp. 1-37. http://tnjc.org.ng/vol-14-no-1-october-2017/
Ahmad, Murtada. B. (2016). Televised Political Adverts, Intermediation and Voting: Investigating Determiners of Electoral Choices in the Nigerian Elections of 2015. The Nigerian Journal of Communication, Vol. 12, No. 1. http://tnjc.org.ng/volume-13-no-1-june-2016/
Ahmad, Murtada B. (2015). Resisting cultural imperialism through Nigerian video films: the notions of hybrid culture revisited. Journal of Communication and Media Research, Vol. 7. No 1, pp. 39-53. https://www.jcmrjournal.org/articles?module=24
Ahmad, Murtada. B. &Dauda, K. (2015). Influence of Televised Violence on the Behaviour of Selected Teenagers in Ilorin Metropolis. The Nigerian Journal of Communication, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp 131-159. http://tnjc.org.ng/volume-12-no-1-october-2015/
Ahmad, Murtada, B., Babatunde, Kamaldin, A.,Tajudeen, A., & Salihu, I. (2014). Popular culture and communication of events: A discourse of poetry as a genre of folk-media in pre-colonial northern Nigeria. Journal of Communication and Media Research, Vol. 6. No 2, pp. 59-72. https://www.jcmrjournal.org/articles?module=23


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Ahmad, Murtada, B., Pride, C., & Corsy, A. K. (2016) Free Speech, Press Freedom, and Democracy in Ghana: a Conceptual and Historical Overview. In Mukhongo, L. (Eds.), Political Influence of the Media in Developing Countries(pp.59-73). PAUnited States, IGI Global. January 2016. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9613-6.ch005
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Ahmad, Murtada. B. (2013). Community Media and Nigerians in Malaysia: The Paradoxical Tendency of Fragmentation in Globalization. In Ojebode. A (Ed.) Community Media for Development and Participation(pp.63-78). Ibadan, John Archers. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/331962727_Community_Media_and_Nigerians_in_Malaysia_
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Ahmad, Murtada .B. (2011).Globalized media and impact of pornographic images on Muslim youths’ behaviours: Revisiting global exposure and content-specific exposure cultivation arguments. Published in the proceedings of New Media and Islamic Issues: Challenges and Opportunities organized by Department of Communication, CERDAS and ISTAC, International Islamic University Malaysia on September 26, 2011. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/348445144_IMPACT_OF_INTERNET_PORNOGRAPHY_ON_MUSLIM_YOUTHS_REVISITING_GLOBAL_EXPOSURE_AND_CONTENT-_SPECIFIC_EXPOSURE_CULTIVATION_ARGUMENTS
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Ahmad, Murtada.B. (2008). Nigerian press coverage of politically induced religious controversy: a content analysis of four Nigerian newspapers. Published in the proceedings of International Conference on the Representation of Islam and Muslims in the Media (ICORMOS), held in Malaysia, July 29-30,2008. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/348445131_NIGERIAN_PRESS_COVERAGE_OF_POLITICALLY_INDUCED_RELIGIOUS_CONTROVERSY_A_CONTENT_ANALYSIS_OF_FOUR_NIGERIAN_NEWSPAPER
Ahmad Murtada.B. (In Press) Television and cultivation of violence among youths in modern society. In Mojaye E.M. (ed.), (pp. 92 – 105). Ibadan, University of Ibadan Press.

Courses/Modules Taught

· MCM 306: Economics of Mass News Reporting
· MCM 316: Foreign and International Broadcasting
· MCM 106: African Communication System II
· MCM 204: Foundations of Communication Research
· MCM 206: Editing and Graphics of Communication
· MCM:416 University Press and Publishing Industry
· MCM 403: Data Analysis In Communication Research
· MCM 209: Advanced & Specialized Reporting
· MCM 201: News Writing and Reporting

· EHS 823- Health and Environmental Communication
· BUS 803- School of Environmental & Public Health