Dr. Begmyrat Kulmedov


Lecturer I


Civil Engineering


Block A, Room 312


Dr. Begmyrat Kulmedov is Lecturer I at the Civil engineering department and his research interests include water supply, water treatment, hydrology, and environmental sciences. He completed his undergraduate degree in Turkey and then his master’s and Ph.D. in Russia. His regional expertise covers Asia, Central Asia, and Europe.

Recent Publications (Articles, Books, Book Chapters/Sections, Proceedings, etc.)

1. Kulmedov, B.M. and Shcherbakov, V.I., 2014. Historical and hydrogeological importance of Amudarya river for the Aral Sea (in Russian). Nauchnyy zhurnal. Inzhenernyye sistemy i sooruzheniya, (3), pp.28-32.
2. Shcherbakov, V.I. and Kulmedov, B., 2015. Negative effects of reduction of the river flow on flora of Amudarya banks and Amudarya river delta (in Russian). Lesotekhnicheskiy zhurnal, 5(4 (20)).
3. Akulshin, A.A., Shcherbakov, V.I. and Kulmedov, B.M., 2019, December. Treatment of waste and drainage water by biosorption method in Voronezh region. In IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Vol. 687, No. 4, p. 044031). IOP Publishing.
4. Kulmedov, B.M. and Shcherbakov, V.I., 2015. То rationality of agricultural water use in the Amudarya basin (in Russian). Nauchnyy vestnik Voronezhskogo gosudarstvennogo arkhitekturno-stroitel’nogo universiteta. Seriya: Vysokiye tekhnologii. Ekologiya, (1), pp.133-137.

Courses/Modules Taught


• CVE 320 – Hydraulics and Hydrology
• CVE 305 – Fluid Mechanics II


• CVE 706 – Hydrology
• CVE 814 – Contaminant Transport and Water Quality
• CVE 812 – Wastewater Engineering and Design of Sewage System
• CVE 728 – Water Resources Engineering