Dr. Ayuba Salihu


Senior Lecturer


Petroleum and Gas Engineering


Block A, Room 321


Dr. Ayuba Salihu is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Petroleum and Gas Engineering.
Salihu’s research interests include Alternative energy sources: gas and gas condensate, drilling fluids; petroleum products & gas processing; simulation, modelling and optimization of oil, gas and chemical processes. He delivers lectures to both Undergraduates and Postgraduate students at the department and related departments.

Recent Publications (Articles, Books, Book Chapters/Sections, Proceedings, etc.)

• Demulsification of Escravos Crude Oil using Locally Sourced Natural Coagulants, Nigerian Research Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences 4(1) 2019 pp. 236-242

• The kinetics of the reforming of gasoline fraction at atmospheric pressure
Oil Refining and Petroleum Chemistry Journal. № 12, 2013, p. 10-12. [ISSN 0233-5727]

• Reforming process and its kinetic-mathematical modeling;
7th Oil and Gas Horizon Conference, Moscow-November 2015, p. 62

Courses/Modules Taught


• Introduction to Petroleum and Gas Engineering
• Gas Dynamics
• Drilling Methods
• Petroleum Refining Engineering
• Natural Gas Processing
• Petroleum and Gas Production Engineering
• Gas Processing vessel and Equipment Design


• Natural Gas Engineering
• Oil Refining
• Advanced Natural Gas Engineering