Nile University of Nigeria’s referral programme

The Nile University of Nigeria’s referral programme is open to all Nile University alumni and current students and only applies to the university’s postgraduate (PG) programmes. Please see the eligibility criteria below and the terms and conditions for more information.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The Referral programme, is open to all Alumni and Current Students
  2. The candidate (referred student) must apply, make tuition payment, register/enrol within 3 months of their referral date
  3. The referred student must not have made an official enquiry and/or application to Nile University via the different prospective student engagement channels (website, Jivochat, email, social media, etc.) within the last 1 year of the date of referral
  4. All rewards to the referrer and candidate can only be redeemed during the second semester of the candidate’s enrolment
  5. Each prospect/applicant/student may only have one referrer. Should there be multiple referrers, the referrer with the earliest timestamp on the referral form will be rewarded, invalidating the others.

Terms and Conditions

The details provided will be saved in the Nile University database and used to provide you information regarding the referral programme and other university-related messages. The referral programme is based on certain terms and conditions. Kindly ensure that you read the terms and conditions before submitting your referral application.


What class of people can refer new PG students?
Only current students, alumni, and entities not connected to Nile university can refer new students
Does the referral apply to all PG programmes?
Yes. A student can be referred for any of Nile University’s PG programmes
What is the format for referring new students?
The referrer and the candidate must complete the online referral form to participate in the referral scheme
If a student already qualifies for any of the existing Nile University discounts and is referred for any of the PG programmes, will the referral reward still be valid?
In this case, only the referrer is qualified for the reward. For the candidate, the existing discount takes precedence.