MSc Industrial Chemistry

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The MSc program in Industrial Chemistry is designed to prepare students to be professionals, to develop students’ capacities to understand issues and problems at the frontiers of knowledge and to make significant contributions to knowledge. 

Start Date

September or January entry


1.5 years

Entry requirements

Bachelor’s degree in a related subject or a PGD in related subject




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The program’s overall educational goals are to provide advanced training in Applied Chemistry research, to develop new knowledge in science, and to disseminate the knowledge gained through the appropriate channel. These educational objectives can be itemized as follows:

  1. Produce researchers with specialized knowledge in Industrial chemistry,
  2. Train Industrial Chemists who are well versed in the general body of knowledge in the applied chemistry,
  3. Produce competent researchers in applied chemistry who can communicate new and innovative research findings to scientists and engineers worldwide,
  4. Increase the number of doctorates in masters needed for nation building.

In order to achieve these aims and objectives, the major areas of focus offered by the department are:

  • Food and Drug chemistry
  • Natural products exploitation
  • Petroleum and gas
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Catalysis
  • Applied spectroscopy
  • Miscellaneous materials


The Master of Science (MSc) program in Industrial Chemistry is a research oriented degree program. Its purpose is to advance knowledge in the field of Industrial Chemistry and enable students of exceptional ability to undertake advanced study and original research. It prepares students for a research and/or teaching career in industry, research institutions, universities, and the government.

Our comprehensive curriculum provides the students with the ability to identify, formulate, and execute solutions to real-world problems.

Indeed, the extent of advancement in the applied chemistry is one of the major indices of industrial and manufacturing development therefore the MSc program in industrial chemistry has been designed to train skilled graduates who could be job-creators and self-reliant professionals. It seeks to empower graduates to be able to embark on ventures that can effectively transform the resources within their environment into goods and services. It there aims at producing graduates who can develop innovative scientific ideas, and implement them in the development of technology for the overall benefit of society.


You will study the following modules:

The minimum required coursework for the award of the Master of Science degree is 30 semester credit hours summarized in Table below.

First Semester


C/R Code Course Title CRH


C CHM 801

Homogeneous and heterogeneous



3 C CHM 802 Separation methods of analysis 3
4 E CHM 808 Oil refining 3
5 E CHM 812 Water, food and drug analysis 3
      Total 12

Second Semester

S/N C/R Code

Course Title

1 C CHM 803

Advanced applied spectroscopy



3 E CHM 807

Analysis of miscellaneous materials

5 E CHM 810

Advanced natural products



      Total 12

General Studies Courses

S/N C/R Code Course Title CRH
1 C CHM 811

ICT & Research Methodology

2 R CHM 830

Management & Entrepreneurship

      Total 4


Third Semester

S/N C/R Code

Course Title



C CHM 811 Research Project 6

The student will learn and apply knowledge of the chemical structure and reactivity of industrial catalytic compounds, with particular emphasis placed upon combining reaction kinetics, process conceptualisation and heat and mass transfer.

Dr. Abdullahi SB Gimba


Additional Information

Entry Requirements

  1. University Matriculation of 5 credit passes including English, Mathematics &two other relevant Science subjects at O-Level; and
  2. Approved Bachelor’s Degrees in relevant programmes with at least 2nd class lower division.
  3. Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in relevant programmes with at least CGPA of 3.0/5.0.

How will I be taught?

Students will be taught through lectures, seminars and tutorials. They will be required to prepare and make presentations, take-home tests and assignments. There will also be written and oral feedbacks from the Professors.

Career support

After completing this course, graduates may get employment opportunities in areas such as Petrochemical Companies, Colleges, Universities, Research Organization, Perfume Industries, Agrochemical Companies, Plastics, Polymer Companies, Military Research Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Companies, etc. These professionals may work in major positions like Taxonomist, Chemist, Synthetic Chemistry Scientist, Scientist, Quality Assurance Officer, Bio-Chemistry Assistant Scientist, Chemistry Content Writer, Scientific Data Entry Specialist, Chemical Business Analyst, etc.

Further Study


Fees and Finance

In 2020/21 the full-time tuition fee postgraduate students on this course will be N1,500,000 Per Session.

Tuition fees will cover the cost of your study at the University as well as charges for registration, tuition, supervision and examinations. For more information about funding, fees and finance please see link Fees and Finance

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