Nile university – the right choice for your child.

As a leading university, we provide our students with the best academic, social and personal experience.

We have committed to invest in both our innovative approach to education and in our facilities.

We stand out from other universities in that our students benefit from industry relevant teaching, resources and support designed to help them succeed. This ranges from our modern library, laboratories and computing facilities to dedicated careers advice and our diverse and impressive range of student activities.

We also recognise the vital role you play in advising, reassuring and supporting your son or daughter during their time preparing for and then experiencing university life.

To help you do this we have prepared a range of information, which is designed to answer any questions you may have about Nile University.

A career ready education in a stimulating, safe and community setting

Nile University has advantages over many other university cities;

Choosing and starting at a university is a life-changing experience for a young person and their families. We know that ‘letting go’ is not always easy, so we want to make sure that you are confident in your son or daughter’s choice of Nile University. This page is designed to answer your questions about their academic course, the university’s resources and the support that we will give them during their time with us.

One of the aims of university life is to give your son or daughter the social skills, confidence and independence to make their own way in the world. For many young people, starting out at university is the first time that they have been away from the family home. At Nile University, you can be confident that son or daughter will be learning to be independent it in a safe and secure environment.

The following information will help you to advise, reassure and support your son or daughter during their time preparing for and then experiencing university life:

  • Giving them a career-ready education. The many advantages of Nile University are set out in the Vice Chancellor’s welcome. You’ll learn about our academic excellence, outstanding educational facilities and stimulating, safe, community setting.
  • Our apply for a course page takes you through the process your son or daughter will go through when making an application and what to expect.
  • Look at the student welfare page to find out what we have on offer at Nile University to help our students settle into their new life at university.
  • The accommodation and tuition fees pages give you key facts. But don’t want to take our word for it. Why not come and have a look around, so you can experience for yourself the welcome, academic excellence and support that we offer all our students.

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