Nile University Hosts Delegation from Elrazi University

A team from Elrazi University visited Nile University on September 30. Receiving the visitors was a Nile team comprising Prof. Osman Nuri Aras (Vice-Chancellor), Prof. Abdurrahman Isik (DVC Academics), Mr. Yasar Aktekin (Registrar), and Prof. Saleh Abdullahi (Director of Academic Planning).  

Following the introductions and exchange of pleasantries, Prof. Aras began the meeting with a brief introduction of Nile University, covering areas such as the institution’s course offerings, scholarships, corporate social responsibility projects, and recent partnership with Honoris United Universities—the first private pan-African higher education network. After his presentation, Prof. Aras stated that Nile University is constantly seeking partnerships with various public and private organizations in its quest to contribute to the human capital development of Nigeria and Africa. A collaboration with Elrazi University, he continued, would be a major boost in this regard. 

Responding to Prof. Aras’ remarks, Dr. Ahmed Osman Riziq (President, Elrazi University) commended Nile University for its serene environment and state-of-the art facilities as well as its efforts to contribute to society not just through high quality education, but also corporate social responsibility programs and sports. He also stated his (and, by extension, his institution’s) openness to a partnership with Nile University. According to him, as a university that is looking to add new programs and grow beyond its current status as a Medical School, partnering with an experienced and prestigious institution like Nile University will be important in Elrazi University’s expansion efforts. In light of this, Dr. Riziq promised to discuss the partnership proposal with his organization’s management on his return.

The visit concluded with the Elrazi University team being given a tour of the Nile campus. 

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