Nile University Holds Partnership Talks with Delegation from the Federal University of Kashere, Gombe State

The DVC Academics of Nile University of Nigeria, Prof. Abdurrahman Isik, on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, hosted a delegation from the Federal University of Kashere, Gombe, on October 31. The visiting team comprised Dr. M.S. Ramadan (Chairman of Research and Publication Committee), Prof. Adam A. Sirajudeen (Head of Language Department), Dr. Umar Abdullahi (Head of Arabic Unit), and Mr. Shehu Usman Umar.

The meeting commenced with a quick introduction of the Nile team, which included Prof. Nurettin Can (DVC, RICOR), Prof. Ibrahim Keles (Deputy Dean, FAMS), and a brief presentation about Nile University—including its course offerings, scholarship options, etc.— by Prof. Isik.

Following the presentation, Prof. Sirajudeen thanked the Nile team for their wonderful hospitality towards his team and commended the University for its corporate social responsibility efforts, exemplified by its attractive scholarship program. Subsequently, he proposed a collaboration between Nile University and the Federal University of Kashere in the area of skills acquisition and staff development. In this regard, he continued, Nile University’s staff, particularly those in the RICOR (Research, Innovation, and Corporate Relations) department, can visit the Entrepreneurship and Development Centre of the Federal University of Kashere to hold short courses/programs for their staff. He also proposed a research collaboration between both institutions.

Prof. Isik expressed his satisfaction with the delegation’s proposal, stating that a MoU held huge promise for both institutions. Subsequently, he invited the team from the Federal University of Kashere for another visit to Nile University at a later date to further the discussions about the MoU. Upon the conclusion of the meeting, the visitors were given a tour of the University.

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