Estimating Productivity In The Presence Of Spillovers: Firm-Level Evidence From The US Production Network

27 April 2021

Nile Economics Seminar Series: Estimating Productivity In The Presence Of Spillovers

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On 22nd April 2021, Nile University Economics departments held a virtual seminar as a part of the Nile Economics Seminar Series on “Estimating Productivity in the Presence of Spillovers: Firm-level Evidence from the US production Network”. The guest speaker at the seminar was Ms. Ebehi Iyoha (Department of Economics Vanderbilt University, USA).

The seminar commenced with an opening remark by Mr. Abdulrasheed Isa (Asst. Lecturer, Nile University), he explained that the speaker will be discussing a paper which is about estimating productivity in relation to buyers and sellers.

Following the opening remark by Mr. Abdulrasheed, Ms. Ebehi commenced her lecture. In her words, she explained that her papers focused majorly on answering two important questions in productivity, the two questions where; To what extent do efficacy gains diffuse over a network of firms and how do we properly account for these spillovers when measuring productivity. she further discussed the process, knowledge, and technology involved in efficiency gains and the interdependency in different firm decisions and outcomes concerning spillovers.

Lastly, she concluded her lecture by mentioning that she was able to derive evidence of substantial transmission of efficiency gains in the US production network from 1977 to 2016 through vertical linkages and how her approach has jointly flexibly recovered productivity and spillovers.

The seminar ended with an interactive session.

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