Nile University of Nigeria Signs MoU with The Academy of Management Nigeria

12 November 2020

Nile University of Nigeria Signs MoU with The Academy of Management Nigeria

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On November 11, 2020, Nile University of Nigeria signed an MOU with The Academy of Management Nigeria (TAMN). 

The event commenced with a welcome speech from Nile University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Osman Nuri Aras, during which he expressed his gratitude to the TAMN Chairman, Prof. Anayo D. Nkamnebe, for his efforts in making the MOU a reality. Prof. Aras stated that the purpose of the MOU is to create a bridge between the management courses offered at Nile University and the industry in a bid to provide the university’s students with the knowledge and leverage that is required to excel post-graduation. Furthermore, he explained that the MOU will provide adequate mentorship and internship opportunities to students of Nile University.

Responding to the Vice-Chancellor’s speech, Prof. Nkamnebe expressed his gratitude to Nile University for its contributions to the educational sector in Nigeria. He commented that the level of success that has been recorded by the University in such a short period of its existence has shown that Nile University is indeed a great academic institution. Prof. Nkamnebe further stated that TAMN is ready to provide the necessary support to Nile University to help the University achieve its aims and objectives in the Management Sciences. He further discussed TAMN’s desire to conduct its short training programs at Nile University as a way of promoting the University to the organization’s members across the country.

The meeting ended with the official signing of the MOU.

Other Nile officials that were present at the MoU signing ceremony included Prof. Ben Akanegbu (Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences), Prof. Ibrahim Keles (Deputy Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences), Prof. Ofili Ugwudioha (HOD, Accounting), to name a few.


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