Our network of global partners impacts our approach to research, learning and administration.

Internationalization is a paramount priority in the strategic policy agenda of Nile University of Nigeria (NUN), serving as a vital tool for enhancing the university’s quality, innovation, and diversity. Nile University of Nigeria places significant emphasis on fostering international collaborations through global partnerships, promoting international exchange programs in teaching and research, and encouraging cooperation with universities and other esteemed institutions around the world.


In order to foster international cooperation, Nile University recognizes the significance of modern science and humanities, which encompasses global dissemination and discussion of research findings, engagement of international peer reviews and publications, and facilitation of student and faculty exchanges. The university’s commitment to international orientation extends across all domains of university life, covering research, teaching, and administration.


In this particular context, the primary objectives of the Nile University of Nigeria’s internationalization efforts are as follows:

Enhanced strategic development of robust international exchange relations aimed at fostering fruitful partnerships with exceptional universities across the globe.

Enhancement of the university's global recognition through an amplified and comprehensive marketing strategy.

Establishment of a stimulating and inclusive academic environment that values and embraces cultural diversity, and enhancing the quality of teaching and research.

Fostering collaboration and establishing partnerships with universities across the globe in the fields of research, studies, and teaching.

Strengthening and diversifying the international mobility opportunities for students, young academics, and professors of Nile University of Nigeria.

Nile University’s Partner Universities