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Internationalization at Nile University

Nile University of Nigeria

Internationalization is one of the main focus points in the strategic policy agenda of Nile University of Nigeria, and an important instrument in the improvement of the University’s quality, innovation, and diversity. NUN attributes great importance to international exchange in teaching and research and cooperation with universities and other partners worldwide. As modern science and humanities have an international scope that not only includes global divulgation and discussion of research results and involvement of international peer-reviews and publications, but also international exchange of students and professors, Nile University strives to be a place of international cooperation. The international orientation includes all aspects of university life: research, teaching, and administration.

In this context, the internationalization of Nile University of Nigeria will focus on the following main objectives:

  • Strategic development of international exchange relations with excellent partner universities worldwide.
  • Improvement of the University’s international visibility through increased marketing activity.
  • Establishment of an attractive, culturally diverse teaching and research environment.
  • Collaboration with international universities for research, studies, and teaching.
  • Enhancement of the international mobility of Nile students, young academics, and professors.

Nile University’s Partner Universities

  1. Sokoto State University
  2. International Burch University
  3. The African University of Science and Technology
  4. Suleyman Demirel University
  5. Ala-Too International University
  6. Ishik University
  7. National University of Equatorial Guinea
  8. International Black Sea University
  9. La Rochelle Business School
  10. Centrale Nantes Engineering School
  11. Paragon International University
  12. North American University
  13. Virginia International University
  14. Benedictine University
  15. University of South Florida
  16. University of Maiduguri
  17. University of Hradec Kralove
  18. Czech University of Life Sciences
  19. Coventry University
  20. University of the West of England
  21. Sharda University
  22. Fountain University
  23. IGlobal University
  24. Vistula University