BSc Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry is the index of industrial development everywhere in the world.


September entry

Start date

5 years



Fees per session

Study Modules

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5

First SemesterSecond Semester
CHM 101 General Chemistry I
CHM 102 Foundation Chemistry II
CHM 107 Practical Chemistry I
CHM 108 Practical Chemistry II
MTH 101 General Mathematics I
MTH 102 General Mathematics II
PHY 101 General Physics I
PHY 102 General Physics II
PHY 107 Practical Physics I
PHY 108 Practical Physics II
BIO 101 Introductory Biology I
BIO 102 Introductory Biology II
BIO 107 Practical Biology I
BIO 108 Practical Biology II
GES 101 Use of English Language I
CSC 101 Library Science
LIB 101 Library Studies

First SemesterSecond Semester
CHM 201 Introductory ChemistryCHM 221 Inorganic Chemistry I
CHM 241 Physical Chemistry I
CHM 231 Organic Chemistry I
PHY 222 Heat and Thermodynamics
CHM 232 Spectroscopy
CSC 201 Introductory Computer Science
CHM 242 Physical Chemistry II
STA 271 Statistics and Elementary Probability.
PHY 242 Atomic Physics I
EPS 201 Entrepreneurial Studies I
GST 202 African History & Culture
GST 201 Communication SkillCHM 233 Biochemistry
CHM 234 Biophysical Chemistry 2

First SemesterSecond Semester
CHM 301 Chemical Literature
CHM 322 Inorganic Chemistry III
CHM 311 Analytical Chemistry I
CHM 332 Organic Chemistry III
CHM 321 Inorganic Chemistry II
CHM 342 Electrochemistry
CHM 331 Organic Chemistry II
CHM 352 Process Science II
CHM 351 Process Science I
CHM 354 Management and Chemical Industry I
CHM 353 Macromolecular Chemistry I
CHM 356 Colour and Textile Chemistry
CHM 355 Introductory Material Science
CHM 358 Management and Chemical Industry II
EPS 301 Entrepreneurial Studies IICHM 357 Petroleum Chemistry
CHM 359 Glass Blowing Practical

First SemesterSecond Semester
7th and 8th Semester Industrial Attachment for 9 months.

First SemesterSecond Semester
CHM 511 Instrumental Analytical Methods
CHM 533 Organic Synthesis
CHM 522 Structure & Coordination Chemistry
CHM 543 Reaction Kinetics
CHM 532 Physical Organic chemistry
CHM 554 Environmental Chemistry
CHM 551 Chemistry of Industrial Processes
CHM 561 Research Project II
CHM 556 Macromolecular Chemistry II
CHM 571 Seminar in Chemistry
CHM 561 Research Project I

BSc Industrial Chemistry - FAQs

The entry requirements shall be at least credit level passes in five subjects including English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry to form the core course with credit in Physics, and any other relevant science subjects at the Senior Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent. In addition, an acceptable pass in the University. Candidates with two A level passes (graded A-E) at the Advanced Level in one or more relevant subjects (Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics and Physics) may undertake the three – year degree programme into 200-level.

The course is going to be taught majorly by lectures through presentation and the use of other teaching aids.  Laboratory sections will be scheduled where applicable.

  •  It is intended that graduates of this Programme will be able to adapt themselves to jobs which are problem solving or results oriented in the chemical, petrochemical, biochemical and allied technological fields viz, food, environmental, textiles, polymer etc.
  • PGD Biological Science
  • MSc Biological Science
  • MSc Industrial Chemistry

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