Our Centers play a crucial role in driving the success of our research programs, fostering our corporate partnerships, and strengthening our international relationships.

International Relations Office

The primary goal of the International Relations Office (IRO) at the Nile University of Nigeria is to develop and coordinate international relations and activities. The office is responsible for offering comprehensive support and guidance to the university’s management on matters pertaining to international affairs. It also takes the lead in establishing and managing international agreements on behalf of the university. The key tasks of the office encompass:


Furthermore, the Office is responsible for assisting faculties, departments and institutions at Nile University in their endeavor to establish international cooperation. Contacts with international organizations, embassies, agencies, NGOs and partner universities are also an essential task of the Office.


Office 217, 2nd Floor, Block B,
Nile University of Nigeria campus
Tel ext: 1436

Center for Research, Project Management & Innovation (CRPMI)

The Center for Research, Project Management & Innovation (CRPMI) advances the boundaries of knowledge, practice, and policy. As well as firmly establishing itself as a leading center for science and innovation policy analysis, the group works on the challenges facing the services of private and public sectors and provides independent advice to help public and private sector organizations become innovative in their operations.

Also, the CRPMI performs activities necessary to coordinate the employment of alumni and current students (current students will be employed as part-time workers).

The CRPMI aims to establish a Technology park to develop a site to accommodate businesses in the field of technology. The CRPMI also aims to establish an incubation center to support startup companies by providing services such as management training and office space.

Center for Corporate Relations (CCR)

The mission of the CCR is to develop, foster, and manage strategic relationships with industry in a comprehensive manner that spans multiple interests across academic disciplines. To this effect, the unit plans and engages in corporate partnerships to support the mission of the university.

In coordination with academic and administrative units within NUN, the CCR: