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What prospective students stand to gain as BA candidates in English Studies

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September or January entry


4 years 




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All languages are important and essential to communicate with the other members of the society. However, English has a unique place among all other languages because it is one of the most spoken languages in the world.

English is the language of …

· International communication

· International politics

· Academia

· Online, printed and written media

· International business and commerce

· Hollywood and entertainment

English is the universal language to bring people of the world together to create a common ground, thus helping us become a universal citizen. In this respect, Majoring English is a perfect opportunity your you to become an expert in the use of English in the area of international communication, international politics, academia, business and commerce and last but not least, benefiting internet and online materials worldwide.

If your interests stretch across literature, history, philosophy, education, business, communication etc. then English Major is the perfect option for you.


You will study the following modules:

1st Year Courses

First Semester

1 ELL 103 Literary Studies I

2 ELL 105 English Language I

3 ELL 107 General Phonetics and Phonology I

4 ELL 109 Introduction to Oral Literature   

5 ELL 115 Syntax

6 ELL 125 Introduction to Basic Theories of Drama and Theatre

7 GST 101 Use of English I

8 GST 103 People and Culture of Nigeria

9 GST 105 IT and Library Skills

10 XXX 101 * [ NAE ] Language Studies I

Second Semester

1 ELL 104 Literary Studies II

2 ELL 106 English Language II

3 ELL 108 General Phonetics and Phonology II

4 ELL 112 Introduction to Composition

5 ELL 116 Syntax

6 ELL 12  Introduction to Fiction

7 ELL 128 Introduction to Linguistics

8 GST 102 Use of English II

9 GST 104 Logic, Philosophy and Human Existence

10 GST 106 Computer Applications I

11 XXX 102 * [ NAE ] Language Studies II


2nd Year

First Semester

1 ELL 201 History of the English Language

2 ELL 203 Advanced English Composition  

3 ELL 205 Introduction to Poetry

4 ELL 207 Literature, Popular Culture and Mass Media

5 ELL 209 Introduction to Nigerian Literature

6 GST 201 Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

7 GST 203 Entrepreneurial Studies I

Second Semester

1 ELL 210 Theatre Workshop

2 ELL 214 English Morphology 3

3 ELL 216 Advanced English Syntax I

4 ELL 218 Gender Studies

5 ELL 222 African American/Caribbean Literature

6 ELL 224 World Literature: Oral/Written

7 GST 206 Citizenship Education

3rd Year

First Semester

1 ELL 301 Introduction to Syntactic Models

2 ELL 303 English for specific Purposes

3 ELL 305 Discourse Analysis

4 ELL 309 Creative Writing I

5 ELL 315 Sylistics

6 ELL 319 Modern Comedy

7 ELL 333 Introduction to Applied Linguistics

8 GST 301 Entrepreneurial Studies II

Second Semester

1 ELL 302 African Written Poetry

2 ELL 304 Contemporary English Usage

3 ELL 310 Introduction to Semantics

4 ELL 316 Advanced English Syntax II

5 ELL 320 Romantics

6 ELL 322 English Drama from Shakespeare to the Present

7 ELL 324 Creative Writing II

8 ELL 326 Research Methodology

9 ELL 328 Literature and Society

4th Year

First Semester

1 ELL 403 Literary Theory and Criticism

2 ELL 409 American Literature and Religion from Puritanism to Transcendentalism

3 ELL 415 Socio-Linguistics of English

4 ELL 417 Speech Writing

5 POS 305 Public Policy Analysis

6 ELL 407 * [ AE ] The 19th Century Novel

7 ELL 421 * [ AE ] Modernism and Post modernism

8 ELL 423 * [ AE ] Spoken English

Second Semester

1 ELL 406 Nigerian Oral Literature in Translation:Field Work

2 ELL 408 Pragmatics

3 ELL 410 Project

4 ELL 412 Psycholinguistics

5 ELL 416 Introduction to Postcolonial Studies

6 ELL 418 Studies in Fiction: Literature Scholar as Mediator in Conflict Resolution

7 ELL 428 Multilingualism: Language and National Development


Area elective

1 ELL 407 The 19th Century Novel

2 ELL 421 Modernism and Postmodernism

3 ELL 423 Spoken English

4 GST 161 Language Studies I (Turkish)

5 GST 162 Language Studies II (Turkish)  

6 GST 167 Language Studies I (Hausa)  

7 GST 168 Language Studies II (Hausa)

8 GST 169 Language Studies I (Yoruba)

9 GST 170 Language Studies II (Yoruba)

10 GST 171 Language Studies I (IGBO)

11 GST 172 Language Studies II (Igbo)


NAE - Non-area elective


1 GST 163 Language Studies I (Arabic)  

2 GST 164 Language Studies II (Arabic)

3 GST 165 Language Studies I (French

You’ll gain a solid understanding of phonetics and phonology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, and explore how that knowledge can be applied to the practical analysis of spoken and written, literary and non-literary texts.

Nile Lecturer


Additional Information

Entry Requirements

  1. University Matriculation of 5 credit passes including English Language and Literature in English at O-Level; and
  2. Approved Bachelor’s Degrees English Language or English Literature, or B.A Education/English or Linguistics with at least 2nd class lower division.
  3. Approved Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) from a cognate discipline with not less than an upper credit

How will I be taught?

Students will be taught through lectures, seminars, tutorials etc. All teaching is supported by opportunities for individual consultation with staff. You will be encouraged to participate in group and pair work, and individual presentations.

Career support

If you are an educational professional or planning on training as a teacher of skills, this is an ideal course for you. It also equips you for careers in PR, marketing, journalism, management or any position using high level communication.

Fees and Finance

In 2020/2021 the full-time tuition fee for undergrad students on this course will be N1,700,000 per session.

The tuition fee will cover the cost of your study at the University as well as charges for registration, tuition, supervision, and examinations.

For more information about funding, fees, and finance, please see link Fees and Finance 

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