BBC Hausa, Others Laud Performance of Nile University Mass Communication Students on Industrial Training (I.T)

Nile University Mass Communication Staff on a visit to their Students on Industrial Training (I.T) at the BBC Hausa Service

Students from Nile University’s Mass Communication Department who are now completing Industrial Training (I.T.), have continued to receive commendation from their host organizations for their outstanding performances.

The host organizations, which included the BBC Hausa Service, Media Trust, and Sapphital Learning Ltd, among others, made the commendation against the backdrop of an evaluation visit by officials from the University’s Mass Communication Department, led by Dr. Adeola Abdullateef Elega, in Abuja, on August 31, 2022.

The Nile University group visited Media Trust Ltd., where they spoke with Mr. Taiwo George, the Online Editor of Daily Trust Newspapers who spoke favorably of Nile University’s Ibrahim Sulaiman Adinoyi. Mr. George said, “Ibrahim is a young reporter whose passion lies in sports. He has the right attitude to work and shows respect to his colleagues and superiors”.

Officials from Nile University’s Mass Communication Department, led by Dr. Adeola Abdullateef Elega, on I.T evaluation visit to Media Trust Ltd.

The detour through BBC Hausa Service heard Senior Digital Journalist Mrs. Halima Umar Saleh and Senior Radio Journalist Mr. Haruna Shehu Tangaza extolling the virtues of Nile University’s Karima Kabir Garba and Halima Bala Muhammad, who have translated several programs from the BBC World Service into Hausa. “They’ve been on air on various shows listened to by over 40 million people and they’re currently working on their very own original story. It is a rare privilege, and they seem to be taking it seriously and we are happy to help guide them”, the BBC staff said.

Mr. Tangaza of the BBC added that:

“They are good, we’ve never seen a set of IT students like them. I’ve been here for the past 13 years. My colleague, Mrs. Halima, has been for nine or ten or years… They greet us, they respect us, they have no problem with anybody, we just tell them to do A.B and C and they do it”

Meanwhile, the Founder and Executive Director (ED) of Sapphital Learning Ltd, Mrs. Ebere Okereke minced no words in praising Miss Basira Jamil Tahir of Nile University, whose work and behavior throughout her recent weeks of industrial training have been outstanding.

Officials from Nile University Mass Communication Department, led by Dr. Adeola Abdullateef Elega, on I.T evaluation visit to Sapphital Learning Ltd

The host organizations also spoke highly of the Students’ Characters, describing them as respectful and well-behaved towards staff, supervisors, and colleagues.

In his appreciation to the host organizations, Dr. Adeola Elega and his team, which included Mr. Peter Otor, Mr. Micheal Ogbu, Mr. Jonathan Ikpe, and Mr. Sesan Omotosho, said the good character displayed by the students is highly commendable, and it speaks to the vision and mission statement of the Nile University of Nigeria.

The students started the three-month long skills acquisition Industrial Training exercise (I.T) in July, and it is expected to end in September, just in time for them to prepare for the full resumption of academic activities in the first week of October.

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