Political Science & International Relations Department Holds Seminar on Electoral Accountability

Mr. Emmanuel Okorodudu, a PhD student of Nile University of Nigeria and former UNDP consultant and Advisor on National Institutions, Liberia, delivered a lecture to the students of Nile University’s Political Science & International Relations Department on December 11. The lecture was titled “Electoral Accountability and Justice in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Region: A Review of the Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance.”

In his presentation, Mr. Okorodudu addressed the role of ECOWAS’ electoral support system in the convergence principles of elections and in addressing elitism in electoral violence in the region, as well as its consequential influence on accountability, justice, and peace during elections. He used the Neo-liberal Institutionalism theory on regional integration to explain the role of supranational institutions like the ECOWAS Commission in elections. Furthermore, Mr. Okorodudu explained how the Commission sets and implements democratic governance principles and norms to foster peace, security, electoral accountability, and justice, particularly during elections.

Overall, the seminar was a very educational experience for the attendees, who gained tremendous insight into the role of supranational institutions like ECOWAS in ensuring electoral accountability.

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