Nile University’s Mass Communication Department Head Visits Voice of Nigeria, Discusses Digital Media Audience, Podcasting

The Head of Nile University’s Mass Communication Department, Prof. Dr. Osman Koroglu, paid a visit to the Director General of Voice of Nigeria (VoN), Mr. Osita Okechukwu, on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 at the VON headquarters in Abuja. Among the topics discussed in the short meeting that ensued was VoN’s digital transformation efforts, Nigeria’s digital media audience, and their podcast preferences. Also in attendance was VoN’s Deputy Director of News, Mr. Aliyu Nasir Othman, Mnge.

The DG, Mr. Okechukwu, explained that their audience now mostly carry digital phones instead of transistor radios, and highlighted some digital efforts put forward by the organization to retain audiences, such as ensuring mobile web presence and maintaining podcast channels. Prof. Koroglu commented that the podcast is a very relevant digital medium for radio stations all around the world, with many successful innovative international examples to look up to. He further suggested that the field reporters must be given opportunities to engage in podcast programming if they can show initiative to use it to aid journalism. He added that the only issue in the minds of the audience members is data usage costs.

In response, the Deputy Director of News, Aliyu Nasir Othman, explained that they are already providing this opportunity to certain journalists within the organization and their efforts will continue with detailed research from the field.

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