Nile University Set to Partner IPCR on Research and Capacity Development

The Vice-Chancellor of Nile University of Nigeria, Prof. Osman Nuri Aras; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gylych Jelilov (Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences), and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Arabaci (HOD of Political Science and International Relations) visited the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) on January 8, 2020. The aim of the visit was to initiate a Memorandum of Understanding and to improve existing cooperation with IPCR especially in the areas of capacity development, research, publications, and conferences, etc.
Upon their arrival at the IPCR and following their warm reception by the Director General of the Institute, Dr. Bakut T. Bakut, and his team, the Nile delegation, through the Prof. Aras stated the purpose of their visit. In response, Dr. Bakut expressed his pleasure at the proposal and stated the willingness of the IPCR to partner with Nile University in the areas of Conflict Prevention and Resolution.




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