Nile University Hosts Engineering Students from the University of Mount Union, U.S.A, Promotes Global Engineering Human Resource Capacity Development

March 2022— Nile University hosted a group of Engineering students and faculty from the University of Mount Union, U.S. as part of both institutions’ efforts to equip their students with the requisite resources to become successful global, 21st-century engineers while forming a potent partnership that is designed to promote excellence and quality, as well as innovation and creativity in the engineering industry.

During the one-week visit, the Engineering students and faculty of both universities collaborated to construct a weather monitoring station on the Nile University campus. The project— termed the Global Engineering Project by the University of Mount Union— was aimed at providing the participating students with vital international knowledge, and technical skills required to work effectively in a range of international settings, teams, and work environments.

Speaking on the project, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Steve Adeshina stated, “The typical Engineering structure is complex and usually comprises contributions from different Engineering disciplines. Therefore, the ability to work seamlessly in teams and with Engineers from other disciplines and, potentially, cultures is important for aspiring Engineers. This is what Nile University and the University of Mount Union aim to accomplish through this collaboration. I have been really pleased watching both sets of students from different cultures and Engineering disciplines including Civil, Electrical & Electronics, and even Biomedical effectively combine their diverse and unique knowledge in the construction of the weather station over the past seven days.”

Sharing his experience on the project, third year Computer Engineering student at the University of Mount Union, Obioma Oscar Okechukwu, said, “It’s been an exciting experience working with Nile University’s students on this project. I have been particularly fascinated by how picking the brains of Nile’s students from other Engineering fields like Civil Engineering on various aspects of the project like the structure and foundation has helped me do my part of the project (Computer Engineering) better.

The Global Engineering project marks the start of a deeper collaborative relationship between Nile University and the University of Mount Union, which is ideal for Global Engineering human resource capacity development.

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