Nile University Hosts Delegation from National Defence College

On November 19, 2020, Nile University of Nigeria hosted a team from the National Defence College, led by Commodore Sola Oluwagbire (Director for Curriculum and Programme Development, National Defence College, Nigeria). The meeting commenced with the welcoming of guests and the Vice-Chancellor’s introduction of Nile University, including its course offerings and strategic partnerships with various organizations.

Subsequently, Prof. Chidozie Enwere (Senior Lecturer, Political Science & International Relations) expressed his excitement about the visit from the National Defence College team, stressing its importance to “National Security.” He commented that there is a need for the Nigerian military to move from the conventional way of doing things to a dynamic one to protect our social, economic, and political institutions. In this regard, he highlighted the need for the military to conduct research in security policing, come up with a strategic geopolitical position on social security, and adjust their response to norms, values, and views of the civic society.

Prof. Enwere further stated that if military personnel decide to be indifferent to the people who seek to acquire power, then, they will lose their values to power seekers. The presentation was followed by an interactive question and answer session, a tour of the campus, and a lunch break. The program ended with a vote of thanks from the team leader and a photo session.

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