Nile Business Club Holds 2nd Business Summit

The Business Club of Nile University of Nigeria held its second Business Summit on December 4. The event, themed “The Power of You,” was designed to expose students to the demands, challenges, and benefits of entrepreneurship. To this effect, the Summit featured several accomplished entrepreneurs— including Mr. Daniel Bowman (Executive Director, Pegaton Consults), Mr. Is ya ku Gambo, etc.— who provided students important tips on how to become successful entrepreneurs.

In his presentation, Mr. Bowman urged students interested in starting a business in the future to consider a number of things before taking said action. For starters, they must ensure that they are passionate about the business they plan to start. This, he continued, is essential because entrepreneurship is a very challenging endeavor that is characterized by numerous disappointments; thus, passion is important to prevent the individual in question from giving up during these tough times.

Another important thing that potential entrepreneurs must consider before starting a business, according to Mr. Bowman, is whether they possess the relevant skills required to succeed in said undertaking. Prospective entrepreneurs should ensure that they possess the necessary skills to succeed in their chosen businesses. Furthermore, he encouraged students to prioritize solving a problem over money-making when beginning their respective entrepreneurship journeys.

Following Mr. Bowman’s presentation was a brief address by Mr. Gambo, who emphasized the importance of risk-taking in entrepreneurship. According to him, to become a very successful entrepreneur, one must learn to take a lot of risks, albeit smart ones.

Mr. Gambo’s address was followed by an announcement of a N500,000 Business Club grant available to students of Nile University with the desire to start a business. To access the grant, students must submit their business proposals to Mr. Umar Mashio Babani (Senior Executive Officer of CELL and Business Club Advisor) for evaluation by a team of professionals. The student deemed to have the best proposal will be awarded the grant.

The event concluded with a question and answer session during which the presenters fielded the questions of the audience. 

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