Delegation from Azman University Visits Nile University

On August 31, 2020, a delegation from the proposed Azman University, Kano, visited Nile University to seek a strategic partnership with the latter as well as advice on how to establish a world-class university in Nigeria. Hosting the visitors were members of the Nile senior leadership team comprising Prof. Osman Nuri Aras (Vice-Chancellor), Mr. Yasar Aktekin (Registrar), Prof. Steve Adeshina (Deputy Vice-Chancellor Admin), and Prof. Abdurrahman Isik (Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academics).  

After a brief introduction of Nile University to the guests by Prof. Aras, Prof. Kabiru Dandago (Chairman, Azman University) stated the purpose of his team’s visit. According to him, as an already established, world-class university, Nile University was deemed by the Azman University leadership as the ideal place to get valuable tips on how to set up a university. In particular, he expressed his team’s keenness to tap into Nile University’s expertise in the field of health sciences—as evidenced by its nationally renowned College of Health Sciences— since the faculty of Medical Sciences is one of the three pioneer faculties of the proposed Azman University. Prof. Dandago also expressed the desire of Azman University to enter a strategic partnership with Nile University following the former’s establishment. 

Subsequently, Prof. Aras thanked Prof. Dandago’s for his remarks and stated his (and Nile University’s) willingness to provide the necessary assistance to the Azman University team in their quest to establish a top-notch university. Following the Vice-Chancellor’s response, the other members of the Nile team (Mr. Aktekin, Prof. Adeshina, and Prof. Isik) took turns offering valuable advice on areas such as staffing, infrastructure, employee and student discipline, etc. to the guests to help them in their mission to establish a university.           

The visit ended with the visitors getting a tour of the university campus. 

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