7th Convocation Ceremony of Nile University of Nigeria

Nile University of Nigeria held its 7th convocation ceremony on October 26, 2019. During the event, over 490 students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) were graduated, with about 16 percent of that figure bagging 1st class degrees. The event also featured the conferment of Honorary Degrees on Hon. Chief Justice Ibrahim Tanko Mohammad CFR (Chief Justice of Nigeria) and Chief, Alhaji (Dr.) Rasaq Akanni Okoya CON (Chairman Eleganza Group) in recognition of their great contributions to the society.

The 7th convocation ceremony was a particularly special occasion for Nile University of Nigeria for two reasons. For starters, it fell on the year of Nile University of Nigeria’s 10th anniversary, making the event a dual celebration of both the accomplishments of the University’s students and the success story of Nile University of Nigeria. Secondly, the 7th convocation marked the graduation of the University’s first set of Law students.

Speaking to the graduands during his address, the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Osman Nuri Aras, urged the former to utilize the knowledge and experience they have gained during their time at Nile University of Nigeria to make significant positive contributions to the society. Specifically, he advised students to:

Remember the culture of excellence at NILE: Whether your dream is to become a vice-chancellor, travel abroad, become the president of your nation, discover a cure to deadly diseases, or build the greatest empire of all time, remember not to throw caution into the air. Because, your certificate will not give you everything, your character is also important. It could determine whether or not you will be celebrated in the next few years and indeed for your lifetime. Therefore, you have to be careful to manage the freedom that comes with life outside the University.

The ceremony concluded with remarks by the Honorary graduands and an address by the event’s Special Guest of Honor, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, who was represented by Dr. Hajo Sani.   


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