3rd Career Day

Nile University of Nigeria held the third edition of its Career Day on February 6 and 7. The program, themed “Your Future Depends on Your Choice Now,” was designed to provide secondary school students useful tips on how to choose the right career. The event also served as an opportunity for Nile University to showcase its excellent facilities, serene environment, while acquainting the attendees with its attractive offerings such as scholarships, courses, etc.

This edition of the program featured exciting lectures on how to make the right career choice by Assoc. Prof. Kenan Kapuyaka (Director, Distance Learning) and Prof. Alpaslan Toker (HOD, English Studies Department). In his lecture, Assoc. Prof. Kapuyaka urged the students to ensure that they prioritized their passion and abilities over factors like what their parents want, societal perceptions of what constitutes a prestigious profession, etc. when choosing a career. 

He also encouraged the students to conduct intensive research before choosing a career path to follow. This, Assoc. Prof. Kapuyaka continued, is because some seemingly prominent professions today will be extinct in a few years and will be replaced by emerging jobs. Thus, conducting serious research before making a career choice will allow the person in question avoid choosing a profession that is doomed to extinction in the near future. 

In his lecture, Prof. Toker highlighted five key steps that are important in making the right career choice. They are: finding a purpose, relying on chucking (breaking down goals into smaller bits and working on them bit by bit), utilizing every opportunity, spending time on relationship-building, and learning to communicate better.

At the end of the lectures the students were ushered to the hall where the representatives of the University’s various academic and administrative departments awaited them. Upon their arrival, they visited the departmental stands that were relevant to them to make enquiries, bringing an end to a highly educational event.   

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