2nd Annual International Women’s Conference

To mark the International Women’s Day, Nile University held its 2nd Annual International Women’s Conference on March 15, 2021. The event was themed “Choose to Challenge”. The conference began with an opening address by Mrs Fausat Aleshinloye (Director, Student Affairs). Mrs Aleshinloye, in her opening remarks, expressed her appreciation to the speakers for honouring the invitation to feature at the event and stated the goal of the program, which was to recognize the efforts of women who are making a positive impact in the society. 

Following the opening address, Mrs. Nneka Obena delivered the event’s first lecture, titled “Choose to Challenge”. In her lecture, Mrs. Obena highlighted some of the issues facing women in the society. According to her, although women and men are individuals of equal status before the law, institutions of female discrimination have made it difficult for women to rise. However, despite these challenges, she continued, women can stand on the shoulders and boldness of other women who have spoken up to inspire the girl child. According to her, these shoulders will inspire hope and with this hope, women will continue to challenge until they are given their rightful place in the society. 

Delivering the program’s second lecture was Ms. Hajara Kabeer Abdulfatah, who spoke about the girl child in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Ms. Hajara stated the need for the girl child to develop her internal compass— that is, her cherished values, purpose, and legacy— because that is what guides her into becoming a woman of excellence. Subsequently, Mrs. Raquel Daniels, the third speaker, spoke about the importance of choosing to challenge against all odds. Mrs Daniels, while narrating some of her struggles to get an education, encouraged women to challenge the status quo against all odds. 

Concluding the lecture was Mrs. Ameena Danjuma, who discussed her efforts to provide water for rural communities in the North and addressed the need for women to make an impact in their own little way by making contributions (financial and otherwise) towards worthy causes.

The lectures were followed by a presentation of awards to the guest speakers, bringing the event to an end.

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