10th NESA Conference- Day 2

Day 2 of the ongoing three-day day NESA Conference at Nile University of Nigeria continued from where the first day left off, featuring another set of accomplished economists in Nigeria who weighed in on the program’s central topic: poverty in Nigeria and how to address it.

In his presentation on the topic, Dr. Shettima A. Ali stated that poverty is a menace that must be fought by every nation due to the severe danger it poses to human and economic development. However, he continued, due to the prevailing mismanagement of human and natural resources and corruption in Nigeria, the country continues to be plagued by this vice.

To tackle the issue of poverty in Nigeria, Dr. Ali stated, the government should invest in its youth— especially those with innovative ideas that are capable of bringing about national development— and ensure that there is a consistency in its economic policies and strategies designed to fight poverty, among others.

Following Dr. Ali’s presentation was a plenary session comprising Hajia Aminat, Dr. Joseph Okwori, and Rabiu Gambo, who gave their unique take on the topic and fielded the questions of the audience. Subsequently, a quiz competition and intervarsity debate contest took place. Day 2 of the conference ended with a NESA carnival and football tournament.          

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