2nd Career Day

Nile University of Nigeria held the second edition of its Career Day on November 21. The program, themed “Your Future Depends on Your Choice Now,” was designed to bring secondary school students together to learn about and explore different career fields. The event also served as an opportunity for Nile University to showcase its excellent facilities, serene environment, as well as other attractive offerings such as scholarships, courses, etc.

The Career Day, which had an impressive turnout (with over 20 schools and 1,000 students in attendance), featured lectures on “Effective Time Management” and “Choosing the Right Career,” which were delivered by Prof. Kemal Ozden (Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies) and Dr. Ahmed Adamu (Senior Lecturer, Economics Department). During his lecture, Prof. Ozden urged the students to make use of their time wisely, stressing that, unlike material goods like iPhones, lost time is irreplaceable.

Following Prof. Ozden’s address, Dr. Adamu encouraged the students to let their strengths determine their choices of career. According to him, an individual whose career is aligned with his or her strengths is more likely to be successful than one whose profession is not. Dr. Adamu also urged the students to make value creation (in particular, providing solutions to problems), as opposed to money-making their primary focus when determining what careers to pursue in the future. According to him, financial success is always guaranteed when one focuses first on providing solutions to the right problems; conversely, individuals who put money-making first when choosing careers tend to fail.

At the end of the lectures, the students were given a tour of the Nile campus and treated to delightful refreshments. The program ended with the presentation of certificates to the participating schools.           

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