Student Clubs

  • Tourism Club
    Inspired by Nature, global village factor and the zeal to learn and explore many geographical locations, NTNU offers all tourism enthusiasts an opportunity to travel and visit places of their choice and landmarks in an effort to be enlightened, educationally and informatively. Experience the taste of hospitality, from Europe to Middle East, Asia; America to Africa and across the oceans, in the eyes of the world. That is NTNU Tourism!
  • Web Design
    In an effort to groom and introduce many young talents into today's dynamic Information Communication Technology (ICT) world, the University offers a wide range of hand-on-training courses in an effort to effectively and competently groom interested students (studying any programme) at NTN University, to take advantage of these classes for broadening their careers and making them of competitive advantage in a global workforce market, taking into consideration the current technological trend changes brought about by continious ICT advancement.
  • Catering / Food & Nutrition
    A voluntary club with the aim of practicing and adjusting to new cuisines all around the world under the name NILE CATERING Club which comprises of NTN University's Female Staff/Students from different ethnic backgrounds world-over, converged under one umbrella to discover their hidden talents, especially in Kitchen and hospitality management aspects, by nutritionally discovering and trying different variety of dishes.
  • Sports and Games
    Physical fitness is of utmost importance in human lives. In view of these, the University is committed to giving maximum attention to its students in terms of their physical fitness, healthy living and lifestyle. With state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor sporting facilities at the disposal of students, it is only imperative to say that NTNU is highly concerned about the physical wellbeing of its students. Soccer, Chess, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, and Polo (under the team name THE NILE SPARTANS) are the main popular sporting activities available in the University.
  • Arts & Culture
    At NTNU, we value the ancient heritage of the diverse cultures around the world, hence the emergence of this club. Under the supervision of the Dean of Students' Affairs Mr Mete Yildrim, the club is geared towards learning, exploring, reviving and showcasing the different cultures, norms, traditions, and ethnics of our society, especially in our multi-cultured University. With representations from both staff and students, who hail from diverse ethnic backgrounds, different geographical locations and speak various languages, the club promises to be an educative one.
  • Photography and Cinematography Club
  • The Photography and Cinematography Club is a beneficial platform where students can improve themselves in the art of photography and cinematography. In a more detailed manner, this is a Club where we hope to offer course programmes on the basics of techniques and instruments in photography and cinematography as well as project preparations and the presentation of actualized projects. In addition, all students who join the Photography and Cinematography Club will be awarded with certificates.


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