The department is based on the art of mathematics inspired by problems arising in engineering and the physical, biological, information, and social sciences. The undergraduate program trains future mathematical scientists in the use of probability, statistics, optimization, discrete mathematics, and numerical analysis. Mathematics is central to all aspects of engineering and science. The Financial Mathematics program at NTNU offers studies leading to B.Sc. degree in Mathematics with a focus on computational and mathematical aspects of finance and economics. Program targets specialists for financial sector, banking, and insurance industries in quantitative and statistical methods of risk assessment and hedging by providing knowledge and skills in financial engineering and insurance mathematics.


Department of Mathematics at Nigerian Turkish Nile University exists to provide a high quality education for students at different branches of Mathematics. The students of the department will be equipped with knowledge of fundamental mathematics, applications of mathematics to various disciplines, critical thinking, as well as comparing problems with other disciplines to produce original solutions to problems. The graduates are supposed to generate solutions to the problems in finance and applied sciences by use of basic mathematical knowledge supported with state of the art softwares.

The department aspires to be one of the best mathematical centers of the world that can generate solutions to problems in finance and applied sciences with its staff and students. They can produce original works in the newly emerging research areas, as a result of rapid technological developments, in today's competitive world. Consequently, the products of the department will be able to apply high-level mathematical knowledge to various disciplines in the real world.

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