The Interdisciplinary research institute (IRI)


The interdisciplinary Research Institute is a special research centre in the Nigerian Turkish Nile University that Involves a team of researchers and individuals that integrates information, data, techniques, tools, perspectives, concepts and or theories from their respective disciplines of specialized knowledge to advance fundamental understanding to solve practical problems.

The Interdisciplinary research institute in Nile University is the Interdisciplinary academic research institute in Nigeria devoted entirely to the study of Africa. The University has a good reputation for publishing articles and journals relevant to the continent.

The research institute in Turkish Nile is however, limited to the faculty of Arts, Management and Social Sciences (FAMSS)



  • To improve the standard of the University and to make it one of the top ranked universities in Nigeria as well as Africa
  • To provide a conducive learning, research and development department
  • To be able to affiliate with other research institutes both Nationally and Internationally
  • To motivate students to implement their documented research so as it will be published in articles, journals, newspapers, books etc.
  • To help students develop critical thinking skills, obtain experiences in their particular disciplines and also, to develop/explore social and professional skills


The interdisciplinary research institute is equipped with necessary items that will encourage students, lecturers and other enthusiastic parties to utilize the research centre and participate in implementing research projects. We have access to different online databases, textbooks, newspapers, written journals and articles a printer, a projector and 2 PCs ready for use.


The interdisciplinary research institute also encourages students to participate in this newly established research center so as to improve their academic skills and knowledge in general; also, to give them an idea of a particular field they would like to study if they wish to further their education.


The interdisciplinary research institute provides the opportunity for students to have their articles, journals, work notes and reports to be publishes in magazines and the school’s website. The research centre will also give its participants the opportunity to be able to acquire employment as well as improve the careers of the already employed. It is a well known fact that graduates that have their names on published journals and articles have a better chance of starting a career.


The interdisciplinary research institute is a place where lecturers and students can interact and work together freely without feeling the pressures in a classroom.

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