All the programs have a common First Year, which covers the breadth of the subject, giving you a strong basis for choosing your Second Year modules. All students undertake an individual research project in the Final Year, supported by a core module in research skills in the Second Year. Specialization in your Final Year, along with the research project will allow you to study aspects of the subject that interest you. The flexible nature of the course enables you to transfer to any of our specialised degree programmes after your first year. Jobs relevant to Biological sciences graduates are: Assistant Healthcare Scientist; Healthcare Assistant; Healthcare Support Worker; Phlebotomist; Research Assistant; and Science Technician.


  • We are committed to educate and teach students in the principle tenets of biology through structured inquiry and opportunities for individualized experiential learning.
  • We are committed to teaching ethical behavior in biological experimental design and practice to all of our students.

The department strives to provide the best educational opportunities possible for students to attain their academic goals and to facilitate faculty in scholarship in an atmosphere that encourages free exchange of ideas.


 The biology department is committed to broadening its recognition for excellence in teaching, research, and service in Nigeria and beyond.   

We will maintain a high quality and diverse curriculum and expand our undergraduate program in biological education.   

We will enhance student learning through improvement of existing facilities and by establishing a field station, an arboretum, and a new science building.   

We will continue to integrate modern environmental biology with molecular techniques to meet the scientific challenges our students and African society will face in the future.

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