The main mission of our Department is students is to step into a professional life under the best conditions for sectors which they prefer to participate in

Banking and finance sectors require management and operation by qualified people. The aim of this Department which gives four-years education is to provide theoretical knowledge and applications in the field of banking and finance to the students; to give them the opportunity to learn the changes and developments in the finance sector; and thus to educate the professionals that the sector requires.

The Banking & Finance Department provides contemporary knowledge and professional skills that will enable students to succeed in a variety of jobs in banking sector as well as in other financial institutions. Through various courses of banking and finance delivered both at domestic and international levels, students will acquire all the necessary concepts, principles and skills which should allow them not only to obtain positions in local financial markets and institutions but also in international ones. The graduates of this program may also continue their academic studies by proceeding with a master’s degree in Banking and Finance or in a related field of study.

Working Areas
Graduates can work in public institutions where the monetary policies are determined such as Treasury and The Central Bank, and also in banks and other financial institutions. If their knowledge of English is sufficient, they also have the opportunity to work in international organizations.

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