Department of Accounting develops future business leaders grounded in the fundamentals required for the accounting profession, and prepared to meet real world challenges.

Our Department is preparing you for the future...
• with qualified and expert academic staff,
• in collaboration with the business world,
• with the support of career planning and consulting

Through the active integration of teaching, research, and engagement, the department creates a dynamic, mutually respectful learning environment emphasizing analytical and technical skills, communication, leadership, information technology, strategic planning and corporate governance
Department of Accounting curriculum was prepared by combining basic-level business, economics, and finance with accounting courses, and it is aimed to equip students with the theoretical background and practical information.

The Department of Accounting is to educate students as future Accounting managers by providing them an education in accordance with universal academic culture, discipline and quality. In all its endeavors, the Department is dedicated to fostering academic excellence, moral leadership, professional responsibility, social awareness and supports the teaching, research, and public service mission of the University.

NTNU Accounting department will have the leading graduate and undergraduate accounting program and one of the top programs. We will differentiate ourselves by taking an active interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving, expanding our global initiatives, and promoting scholarly engagement in emerging accounting and business issues. We aspire to be the paramount accounting department in higher education and to set the standard by which other institutions measure success.

The core values of Department of Accounting are as follow;
a) Respect and Adherence
b) Tolerance and Coexistence
c) Student-Centered
d) Integrity and Professionalism
e) Ethic and Social Responsibility
f) Competence
g) Global Orientation and Adaptability
h) Group Appreciation and Critical Thinking

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