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The Nigerian Turkish Nile University’s Library is a spacious and well equipped section of the school. Stocked with highly intellectual books, the library connotes the academic excellence of the institution. It is divided into three sections namely, Circulation unit, Serial unit and Virtual unit (e-Library).

The Circulation unit consists of academic books neatly arranged in shelves. Each shelf is clearly labelled according to the department so as to prevent students from searching aimlessly. While the Serial unit comprises of journals, magazines and newspapers in which students can access information.

The Virtual unit (Electronic Library) is the section of the Library which aids students to carry out research in their respective areas of study. Students also gain access to books journals and articles online. Well equipped with powerful lighting system and a serene environment, the library is constantly quiet as students are busy reading and carrying out research work. In the reading section, each table comprises of four students to ensure their comfort.

Like any other Library, the librarian is the first point of call upon entry, in which she screens each student before giving them the mandate to enter. Books are borrowed from the library within the hours of 11am to 4pm from Mondays to Fridays. Indeed, there is no excuse for student’s failure academically, in terms of the quality of the University’s library.

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